Maserati Ghibli


When you think of Holland, you think of cheese, windmills and wooden clogs but you wouldn`t think of an Italian Design four-door dream limousine, staged in front of state-of-the-art architectural and scenic backdrop.
Rotterdam and its surrounding area, new shooting grounds for us, was a perfect setting for this campaign - as was our new client Maserati – Ghibli the first Maserati with diesel engine.

Independent from his otherwise so Italian characterized surrounding and free from any requirements from our client we realized our photo shooting parallel to a film shooting and with big support of BRW Filmland Production Milano.
Whether “car to car“ on very clean streets, static in front of unique buildings or dynamic on design bridges – the vehicles perfectly harmonized with the location.

Client: Maserati · Photographer: René Staud · Post Production: STAUD STUDIOS

René Staud